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21 June 2009 @ 04:39 pm
The Degrassi Drabbles
PROMPT T-Taint(ed)

Once Upon A Time…Happily Ever After…Fairytales were so cut and dry but since when was Ashley Kerwin ever the one to conform to conventions after all how many times had she changed her look in school?
Craig Manning she thought was her Prince Charming, despite the whole Manny factor and yet when she walked into their hotel room after a show in upstate New York only to find this relationship tainted by him lying in bed with some young groupie made her stomach churn and lead her to place by the harbor called the Haunted Star.
As she entered the bartender, a young man who was handsome in a scruffy bad boy kind of way flashed a crooked grin to her.
“What can I get you love,” he said in a strong Australian accent as he placed a glass on the bar.
A smile crossed her own dark lips as she thought that although this guy was defiantly not her Prince Charming by a long shot it was fun to regress to a childlike state and simply pretend if only for a while.