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21 June 2009 @ 04:36 pm
The Degrassi Drabbles

In the quiet of the hotel room,a blonde girl awakened with a blinding headache. She let out a groan as she ran a hand through her tangled locks. That's when she saw something glimmering and sparkling on her hand. Her left hand. She gasped at what she saw. A small,diamond ring was on her ring finger. She heard a groan come from the other side of the huge bed. She froze in shock and turned her head ever so slightly to see the smooth,muscular expanse of a stomach,chest,and broad shoulders and a face with a head of dark hair. Obviously very male. The blankets were thrown of them and tangled at the edge of the bed and the sheet the man wore barely covered him. Her eyes widened in horror as she sat up in the bed and pulled the sheet away just a bit,gasping when she saw she was completely naked underneath. This was bad. This was very,very bad. She could see that there was a golden band on his left hand as well. His ring finger. Shutting her eyes,she tried to remember what happened the night before but drew a blank. This was very,very,very bad. Things like this didn't happen to Emma Nelson! They just didn't. She lay awake staring at the ceiling for a few more minutes before her brown eyes fell on the pants that lay on the floor. Grabbing the blue,wrinkled dress on the floor,she threw it on and walked over to the pants,picking them up and checking the pockets. She pulled out a wallet and opened it up after making sure her bed companion was still asleep. In the wallet was a Driver's License with the man's picture,the date of birth,the place where he lived---and his name. Matt Hunter. Emma Nelson's new last name was Hunter.